Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Police Reunite

So the announcement is out, The Police are going on tour again:

Reunited rock trio the Police said on Monday they would launch a world tour in May, more than 20 years after frontman Sting angered his bandmates by leaving for a successful solo career.

Sting, 55, joked during a news conference that he was "certifiably insane" to resurrect the band for a tour that will begin in North America and take in Europe, South America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Long resistant to the idea of a reunion with his estranged bandmates, guitarist Andy Summers, 64, and drummer Stewart Copeland, 54, Sting said he woke up one day about three months ago and decided to call them up and suggest a tour.

"If you'd asked me the day before I made this decision, I would have said, 'You're out of your mind. My head is somewhere else,'" he said.

The Police ended their seven-year run following a 1984 world tour for the album "Synchronicity," which included the Grammy-winning song of the year "Every Breath You Take."

Sting, the group's primary songwriter, who once described the Police as "a marriage of convenience," wanted more creative freedom. Summers and Copeland wanted the group to carry on, even though tension within the band often led to fistfights.

There's only one important question to ask when these sorts of things happen: who is running our of money?? Trudie got some expensive tastes or something?


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Friday, February 02, 2007

Shilpa Shetty: To Make a Fortune

On the back of winning Celebrity Big Brother it looks like Shilpa Shetty is going to make a fortune:

Shilpa Shetty, who was virtually unknown in Britain until a month ago, has suddenly become a phenomenon in this country.
The Big Brother winner is set to make millions of pounds from the show, and if her aides are to be believed the stunning star - who kept her dignity intact even while she suffered racist bullying at the hands of some of her fellow contestants, is in line to rake in an astonishing 10 million pounds.
The controversy that triggered protests in India and sparked a race relations debate in the UK - has propelled 31-year-old Shetty onto the world stage, and her business managers are said to be busy working tirelessly to turn this profile into profit.
Shetty's aides in Britain and India have already been inundated with six figure offers for book deals, TV work, film parts, endorsements and a chance to co-host the UK version of a reality cricket show based on the 'Indian Idol,' and rumours are also high that the actress is to be offered a lead role in a new BBC comedy, set in an Indian call centre.

From what I hear she's already made what most of us consider a fortne out of the show: her fee for appearing in hte first place was £350,000, or so they say.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cyndi Lauper Goes Commercial

Cyndi Lauper says that with all the closures of venues to play a gig and the shrinking of the adventurousness of the radio market, the place to debut new music is in commercials:

If you're looking to break into the music business, U.S. singer Cyndi Lauper has a suggestion -- take the commercial route.

"There's just no venues anymore and commercials are a great new vehicle in which to have your music heard," said Lauper, who soared to success in the 1980s with her quirky costumes and songs like "Girls Just Want To Have Fun."

"Right now, commercials are where to hear new music," she said, citing the closing of so many clubs around the country, especially in New York.

That's a big reason why Lauper, 53, says she decided to sign on as a creative consultant for Alka-Seltzer's Battle of the Bands contest to find a new jingle for stomach ailment product.

Ah, she's judging the contest? She pretty much has to say that, doesn't she?