Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Best Ringtone Service

"Ringtones are surely among the Top features that somebody can download from the net. I found a very cool site while searching for free Ringtones. GoldRingtone.com is the best site to download free ringtones without restrictions. The information mail I received from the site says that the database is updated with new Ringtones every week. I decided to test it and download some ringtones (Rihanna’s Unfaithull is cool) and it works just fine.

This site give us the opportunity to download free mp3 ringtones, free real tones, midi ringtones, wav tones etc. Besides you can choose which carrier you like. There are free cingular ringtones, free sprint ringtones etc. So, you can have tones from every carrier. The ideal site for your favourite mobile music is here.



hot-topics said...

Another great ringtone site with Free Ringtones is http://ringtones.msnemotions.org. They also have Free Polyphonic Ringtones. You should check it out!

ringsadring said...

Ok seriously I think you should actually take this off! The site that you gave is not really a Free Ringtones site. I hate searching for free stuff and coming across garbage like that. I thought you would have written up about something which would be more honest. Perhaps like a site called Ringaholic.com now these guys now what Free Ringtones really mean. They mean FREE! Not that hey we got free ringtones but when you go there bam you are redirected to some paying website. Hell if I wanted to buy ringtones I wouldnt' have looked up FREE now would I have?

Anywho, I thought I'd give you a heads up that the site that you so colorfully wrote about is actually not free. If you really want some banging free ringtones then look up www.Ringaholic.com